Just because autumn is here doesn’t mea

Just because autumn is here doesn’t mean you should slack on lawn care… You will need to continue to mow your lawn. You do not want the grass getting too long as this can create an attractive environment for insects and other pests. You will still want to water your lawn in the fall. You can water slightly less than you did in http://ow.ly/FT0v304A9RX the summer as there is less evaporation happening from the sun, but you still need to be watering. It’s also the perfect time to fertilize because once the winter cold sets in and prevent the nutrients from getting to the soil and the roots. If you fertilize in the fall it can keep the grass satiated during the winter as well.

Remove Leaves Quickly – Your lawn also still needs a great deal of sun to stay alive, and when leaves fall it can block out that sun. That’s why it’s important to remove leaves very quickly so that the lawn can continue to receive sun. Fall leaves may be beautiful, but they can be problematic for your green lawn.

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