Ok, the “dog days of summer” are here.

Ok, the “dog days of summer” are here. Maybe you let your property slip and opted not to do any yard maintenance in the brutal heat. The problem is that although it’s been hot, it’s also rained quite a bit…so everything is still growing. Let Scenic Lawns and Landscaping, Inc. take care of your property for you.
Properly trimming and pruning shrubs and trees aren’t easy. If poorly done, it can damage your plantings more than help them. Our experienced teams have many years of landscape work behind them, and take pride in their skills in caring for your shrubs and trees. We can create a flexible plan to meet your needs.
Our services include:
Bed cleanup and weeding.
Trimming and pruning of trees and shrubs.
Bed edging and mulching.
Optional pre-emergent and post-emergent weed control in flower beds.
Removing trees and shrubs that are no longer vigorous
Turf management &
Installing irrigation equipment to keep turf and plantings healthy.
Call us for a free estimate at 410-672-3200.


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