Living Retaining Wall is an aestheticall

Living Retaining Wall is an aesthetically attractive alternative to conventional hardscape that “is” the landscape. A Living Retaining Wall minimizes the impact of a needed structure while increasing “green-space” and habitat otherwise lost in development. In other words, it gives you more beauty while doing the same job as a regular retaining wall.

The right plant in the right place can have awesome results that last!
A Living Retaining Wall Is a water treatment plant, an air filtration plant, a storm water management tool, an energy conservation tool, a low impact development tool, a habitat, and and wonderful addition to your yard.

Our living walls are a combination of large boulders and plant material. The boulders are strategically placed to create pockets of level areas that are perfect for a specimen tree or a grouping of plants. Boulders or large natural stone interspersed with plantings can create a change in grade, accompany an outdoor staircase, or enhance a pool or water feature. Ground covers are used to knit the ground and slopes together, adding contrast and color to the hillside. Plantings soften and enhance the beauty of natural stone boulders.

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