Custom Patio’s will compliment your landscaping

Location of a patio is a vital step in designing your outdoor living space. Most people want their patio to be their own private retreat. It is imperative to keep in mind any future landscape plans placement from the house and property boarder.

When thinking of building a patio you have many alternatives such as decorative stamped concrete, paver’s or natural stone.  Mother nature offers a few stones that work well for laying patios and walkways. Blue stone is one of the most popular of the natural stones and it is available in squared sheets or irregular sheets. Squared flagstone will give you a very clean looking finished patio while irregular flagstone will look  much more natural.

Flagstone is available in many colors, normally shades of brown or blues, but many exotic colors are available as well.  Moss and other creeping plants can be planted in the joints of a flagstone patio or walkway which will give the area a much  more natural look.

Tier patios create dimension in any yard.  Just add an outdoor light into the tier for safety to finish the perfect yard. Here at Scenic Lawns and Landscaping we offer FREE estimates on all your landscaping needs. Give us a call today 410-672-3200 and lets start planning your very own retreat. Find us on Facebook for more valuable information and give-a-ways

Here is a Patio we installed in Centreville, Md

Here is a Patio we installed in Centreville, Md

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